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  National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC):

Association of state insurance commissioners whose purpose is to promote uniformity of insurance regulation, monitor insurance solvency and develop model laws for passage by state legislatures.

Net Income:

The total after-tax earnings generated from operations and realized capital gains as reported in the company's NAIC annual statement page 4, line 16.

Net Investment Income:

This item represents Investment Income earned during the year less investment expenses and depreciation on real estate. Investment expenses are the expenses related to generating investment income and capital gains but exclude income taxes.

Net Leverage:

The sum of a company's Net Premium Written to PHS and Net Liabilities to PHS. This ratio measures the combination of a company's net exposure to pricing errors in its current book of business and errors of estimation in its net liabilities after reinsurance, in relation to policyholders' surplus.

Net Liabilities to PHS:

Net liabilities expressed as a ratio to Policyholders' Surplus. Net liabilities equal total liabilities, less conditional reserves, plus encumbrances on real estate, less the smaller of receivables from or payable to affiliates. This ratio measures company's exposures to errors of estimation in its loss reserves and all other liabilities. Loss reserve leverage is generally the key component of net liability leverage. The higher the loss reserve leverage the more critical a company's solvency depends upon having the maintaining reserve adequacy.

Net Premium:

Is the portion of the premium for which the insurance company is responsible. It does not include the part of the premium that covers expenses, contingencies (commissions paid to agents) or profits. Why not profit? Because net premium is only potential profit at this point. The insurance company does not yet know whether it will be paid with this money or if the insurance company will get to keep it once it becomes earned premium.


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