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  Compression technology:

Compression technology allows the delivery of more information in less space. This technology enables us to send multiple video channels over standard cable lines and allows CD-quality sound and a full-length feature film to fit on a standard-sized CD.


A controller is the brain of the system that receives input from the sensors and external devices. It performs mathematical calculations and logical comparisons to decide what must be done. The controller generates the correct output signal to the actuators.


CPU is the abbreviation for Central Processing Unit - the module of the processor that controls and interprets the machine-language program and its execution.


Digital Light Processing (DLP) is an all-digital display technology that turns image data into light. Enabled by a DMD device, DLP is capable of projecting sharp, clear images of almost any size without losing any of the original image's resolution.


A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is at the heart of products like high-density hard-disk drives, desktop videoconferencing and audio/video compression by rapidly processing large amounts of digital information. This technology, when used in conjunction with mixed-signal devices and embedded software, is referred to as a DSP Solution, and it collects, processes, compresses, transmits and displays analog and digital data.


ADSL, or Asymmetrical DSL. In ADSL, the data rate from the ISP is greater than the data rate to the ISP. For example, ADSL would deliver 6 million bits per second (6Mb/s) to the home, but only 384 thousand bits per second (384Kb/s) from the home to the ISP.

Dynamic range:

Dynamic range is the range of input or output that a device can process without overflow or distortion.


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