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  Intelligent network:

Intelligent network is a switching and signaling concept that centralizes a great deal of intelligence in databases and applications processors in the network instead of in the central switching office devices. This will enable the network to process complex instructions about routing, signaling and information structure quickly and accurately.


A Local Area Network (LAN) is a group of interconnected devices that share common processing and file management resources, usually within a specific physical area. An example would be an office computer network.

Low-Power Architectures:

Based on TI's Low Voltage Technology (LVT) are enabling technologies such as microprocessors and memory to run faster at lower voltages. These architectures increase power efficiency and enhance battery life in applications like mobile computing and communications.


Is your computer's physical work space that stores the instructions, programs and data needed to accomplish the tasks executed by the processor.


A micropocessor is the brain of today's computer. It operates your computer by carrying out complex functions.


Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS) is a measurement of performance or capacity assigned to a fixed-point processor. It refers to the number of mathematical instructions performed each second.

Mixed-signal device:

A mixed-signal device collects analog signals and converts them into digital data to be processed. Once a DSP processes and compresses the digital data, a mixed-signal device decompresses, transmits and displays the digital data as either digital or analog signals.


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