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  Embedded software:

Can be as simple as the microcode instruction set of a microprocessor or as complex as the security software inside a set-top cable modem box. Embedded software performs a specific function not under the control of the primary user and is often used in conjunction with a digital signal processor and mixed-signal devices to form a DSP Solution.


Is Xerox's standard networking protocol used in local area networks, often connecting dissimilar devices.


Floating-Point Operations Per Second (FLOPS) is a measurement of performance of capability assigned to a floating-point processor. It is usually noted as MFLOPS or Million FLOPS.


Frequency is the number of cycles per unit of time, denoted by Hertz (Hz). One Hz equals one cycle per second.


Global Positioning Systems (GPS) uses satellite signals to track the location or position of vehicles or vessels on earth.

IEEE 1394:

IEEE 1394 is an international high-performance serial-bus standard which TI has released in a chipset that offers the real-time data transfer of video, audio and peripheral applications through a universal I/O interface. With this technology, digital cameras, CD-ROMs, printers, hard-disk drives and audio/stereo equipment can move data at high speeds to desktops and portable computers through a single cable.

Integrated circuit:

Integrated circuit is the formal name for a die, or chip. Its name resulted from the integration of previously separate transistors, resistors and capacitors, all on a single chip.


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