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Register now and take advantage of our FREE TRIAL. All TranslationTown services free:

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2 € ea.**
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*Services included in annual registration fee: 45 €. This first year we are adding two extra months to the membership, until a meaningful number of projects are posted in the network. For administrative purposes, the 45€ fee will be effective starting June 1st.

**First time registered: 20 free quotations with your registration fee

Create your profile

It takes 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire that will introduce your company or professional details in our database. Once you are done, your profile will be accessible to any customer that makes a search. Create profile now!

Your detailed profile is displayed as below:

Customers get fast, objective and significant information that lay the foundations for fair trade and help customers select the most suitable translator.

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Inclusion in searchable data base

Any time a customer makes a search with your characteristics your profile will be listed among the results. Your position will be mainly determined by your language pairs and fields of specialization, but the number of quotations you send through our network is also relevant: the more quotations you had sent so far, the better position you get among competitors of similar characteristics.

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Access to translation projects

In our site you'll find two different types of projects:

Open projects: customers post their project in the web so that any translator registered can quote it&

Private projects: customers select the translators they want to quote the project. You'll find these projects in your personal page.

See the created project snapshot below:

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Independent arbitration

This optional service we bring to you thanks to our cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organisation's Arbitration and Mediation Centre offers additional security to you and your customers.

Both parties must agree in submitting themselves to the expedited arbitration service in case of dispute. This expert, independent and neutral organization takes care of the whole process; we just make it possible that their registration and administrative fees are 90% cheaper for our customers.

For more information, please go to our Artibration section


Send quotations

Since every quotation you send will deduct 2 € from your account balance, a competition meter in every project tells you how many professionals the request has been sent to and how many of them have already quoted. (captura de pantalla de la lista de proyectos con el indicador)

Get jobs

Any time you get a "New job!" message, a customer will have already made a 5% advanced deposit against the total quoted amount. Can you think of a better way to assure you'll be dealing with serious companies?

This is how far our services go. The customer will be all yours behind this point.

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