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  Supplies Goods:

Production support products that will not become a part of the purchaser's end product. Examples are drill bits, machine lubricants, wiping rags, etching chemicals, pencils, paper, paper clips, etc.


The name of a product or service that has been legally registered as the property of an enterprise.

Unsought Goods:

Products that are usually purchased due to adversity rather than desire. For example, coffins, crutches, and medicine are all unsought goods. Another form of unsought goods are products such as life insurance and encyclopedias. They are products that the consumer seldom goes out looking for, therefore, a constant, aggressive selling process is required.

Self-Service Retail Sales Method:

Selling from a sales outlet directly to the end user, usually at prices lower than full retail price. There are usually no sales personnel to explain the purpose and value of the product or service.

Vertical Integration:

The potential within an enterprise to incorporate all aspects of management, production, sales and distribution into their business operations. In theory, the greater the vertical integration, the less vulnerable an enterprise is to outside forces.

Wholesale Sales Method:

Selling to distributors at significantly discounted prices who in turn sell to full service or self service retail outlets.

Wholesale Sales Method:

The cash available to an enterprise for day-to-day operations.


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