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  Personal Service at Servicer's Site:

This service is usually a one-on-one relationship between the customer and servicer, often dealing with factors the customer deems confidential. The service is traditionally provided at the servicer's enterprise. Examples of this type of service would be: doctor, lawyer, accountant, educational institution, etc.

Personal Service, Volume:

Some services deal with very high volumes but still require the "personal touch". Examples are airline services or a parcel delivery service like Federal Express.

Product Benefits Advertising:

A "product benefits" ad is designed to acquaint the prospect with the strengths of the product or service and the benefits resulting from those strengths.

Product Comparison Advertising:

A "product comparison" ad compares the features of your product or service with those of one or more competitive products or services with the intent of showing yours to be more feature rich than the competition.

Product Family Advertising:

A "product family" ad is designed to convince the prospect that they have a wide range of functionality to choose from today and after they buy they will not be locked into a single product or service environment in the future.

Proprietary Technology:

Technology that is unique and legally owned by an enterprise. The technology may be integral to the product or service being offered or it may be used in the production of the product or service.


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