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  Parallel processing:

Is an efficient form of information processing that emphasizes the exploitation of concurrent events in the computing process. Concurrency implies parallelism, simultaneity and pipelining. Parallel events may occur in multiple resources during the same time instant; pipelined events are attainable in a computer system at various processing levels. Parallel processing demands concurrent execution of many programs in the computer as a cost-effective means to improve system performance.

Process technology:

Process technology is the semiconductor manufacturing flow which creates or fabricates an integrated circuit. CMOS process technology (Complementary Metal Oxide on Silicon) enables low power, high-density chips.


A Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) is a computer architecture that has reduced chip complexity by using simpler processing instructions. It is faster than its more complex counterparts, thanks to its simplicity, and is also designed and built more economically.


Is your computer's physical work space that stores the instructions, programs and data needed to accomplish the tasks executed by the processor.


Resolution is a measure of accuracy or dynamic range of an A/D or D/A converter.


Is the process of converting continuous signals into discrete values.

Sampling rate:

Sampling rate is the rate at which an analog signal is sampled for conversion to and from the digital domain. The sampling rate is measured as the number of samples per unit of time.


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