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A semiconductor is a solid-state substance with conductive properties that can be altered with electricity. Silicon performs as a semiconductor when chemically combined with other elements. A semiconductor is also halfway between a conductor and an insulator. When charged with electricity or light, semiconductors change their state from nonconductive to conductive or vice versa. The most significant product built from a semiconductor is the transistor.


Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM)times all address, data and control signals to a CPU's system clock. This function eliminates the bandwidth bottleneck between your memory and CPU to maximize overall system performance.


TI Registration and Identification System (TIRIS) uses radio frequency identification to electronically control, detect and track objects by manipulating radio signals. Applications include traffic management, logistics systems, antitheft devices and security systems.

Voice recognition:

Is the conversion of spoken words into computer text. Speech is first digitized and then matched against a dictionary of coded waveforms. The matches are then converted into text as if the words were typed on the keyboard.

Wafer Fab:

Also known as a semiconductor fabrication plant, is where all of a semiconductor's electronic components are interconnected onto a single die of silicon. It must be 1,000 times cleaner than the cleanest hospital operating room because a single microscopic dust particle can render an entire die circuit useless.


A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a group of computer networks connected together over long distances. The Internet is a WAN.


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