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             MUSIC GLOSSARY

Allegro:  Fast

Allegro:  Quick tempo; cheerful.

Alteration:  The raising or lowering of a note by means of an accidental.

Alto clef:  The C clef falling on the third line of the staff. Most of the time is used by the viola.

Ancora:  Repeat.

Andante:  "Walking" Tempo

Andante:  Moderate tempo.

Andantino:  A little faster than Andante

Animato:  Animated; lively.

Appassionato:  Impassioned.

Appoggiatura:  A nonharmonic tone, usually a half or whole step above the harmonic tone, which is performed on the beat and then resolved.

Arabesque:  A fanciful piano piece. Ornate passage varying or accompanying a theme.

Arpeggio:  A term used to describe the pitches of a chord as they are sung or played one after the other, rather than simultaneously.

Arrache:  Strong pizzicato.

Arrangement:  An adaption of a composition.

Articulation:  The degree to which notes are separated or connected, such as staccato or legato.

Atonality:  Lacking a tonal center.

Augmentation:  Compositional technique in which a melodic line is repeated in longer note values. The opposite of diminution.

Augmented:  The term for a major or perfect interval which has been enlarged by one half-step, e.g. c-g, (an augmented fifth,) or c-d, (an augmented second). Also used for a triad with an augmented fifth, e.g. the augmented tonic triad in C major, C+, c-e-g.


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