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In social-psychological theory, the self as an object of perception.


The validation of the self by confirming ones beliefs about the self.


In the perception of self, the self-concept considered as a whole, taking into account all its various dimensions.


In the theory of reasoned action, a determinant of behaviour that is just as important as attitude in predicting a particular action.


The result of a psychological experiment contributed by a person involved which throws light on the quality of their experience, usually in the form of an interview or survey, a test, introspection, think-aloud protocol, or even a diary study.


In self-concept formation, those elements which reflect areas of enduring importance, investment and concern to us that are likely to be invoked in many different social situations.


The process whereby a child develops a sense of gender identity in the course of sex-role identification, and which is not directly dependent on external reinforcement.

Semantic grammar:

A grammar which seeks to directly deliver the meaning of any sentence, before (or without regard to) its syntax.

Semantic memory:

A proposed memory system which contains general knowledge, language, rules and concepts.

Semistructured interview:

a technique developed by James Marcia which put the ideas of Erik Erikson on adolescent development into a testable form.

Sensorimotor communication:

The babys early signalling system, which emphasizes the fact that communication in the first year and a half is rooted to vocalizations and gestural actions centred around feeding, dressing, bathing and play.


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