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The least structured and least personal form in the interview range of instruments used in social research, which takes the form of a type of questionnaire.

10-year rule:

A rule of thumb that suggests that in order to become outstanding in any skill in the top 1% of performers around ten years dedicated practice is required.


A class of environmental hazards which cause marked abnormalities in the fetus during pre-natal development and which are can be caused by the use of harmful drugs or substances, such as thalidomide and cocaine, cigarette smoking and heavy use of alcohol.

Three-term series problem:

A kind of deductive reasoning problem, which has two statements about three people or objects that can be ordered according to a relation such as height.

Tilt after effect:

The temporary visual distortion of perceived orientation following adaptation to an oriented stimulus.

Time theory of pitch perception:

The idea that perceived pitch depends upon the temporal pattern of activity in the auditory nerve.

Universal grammar:

(UG) the theory, suggested by the American linguist Noam Chomsky, that all children possess an in-built faculty for spoken language, a theory which is disputed by others, who consider that children are born only with general learning processes which enable them to learn language amongst other things.

Verbal channel:

In an interview situation, the spoken element, as opposed to the various other non-verbal channels of communication used.

Visual illusion:

A mental distortion of perception, sometimes misleadingly called an optical illusion, where visual stimuli are seen incorrectly.


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