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A sample of a crop variety collected at a specific location and time; may be of any size.


A genetically determined characteristic that enhances an organism's ability to cope with its environment.


The animal phylum comprised of crustaceans, spiders, mites, centipedes, insects, and related forms. The largest of the phyla, containing more than three times the number of all other animal phyla combined.

Biogeochemical Cycles:

The movement of massive amounts of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, calcium, sodium, sulfur, phosphorus, and other elements among various living and non-living components of the environment--including the atmosphere, soils, aquatic systems, and biotic systems--through the processes of production and decomposition.

Biological Resources:

Those components of biodiversity of direct, indirect, or potential use to humanity.

Buffer zone:

The region near the border of a protected area; a transition zone between areas managed for different objectives.

Carrying Capacity:

The maximum number of people, or individuals of a particular species, that a given part of the environment can maintain indefinitely.

Center of Diversity:

Geographic region with high levels of genetic or species diversity.


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