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An integrated group of species inhabiting a given area; the organisms within a community influence one another's distribution, abundance, and evolution. (A Human Community is a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality.)


The rate of growth and the age structure of populations, and the processes that determine these properties.

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A predator-prey interaction in which the predator does not control the prey population size.


The organisms of a particular habitat, such as a pond or forest, together with the physical environment in which they live; a dynamic complex of plant, animal, fungal, and microorganism communities and their associated non-living environment interacting as an ecological unit. Ecosystems have no fixed boundaries; instead, their parameters are set according to the scientific, management, or policy question being examined. Depending upon the purpose of analysis, a single lake, a watershed, or an entire region could be an ecosystem.


A genetically differentiated subpopulation that is restricted to a specific habitat.


Restricted to a specified region or locality.


Any gradual change. Organic evolution is any genetic change in organisms from generation to generation. A conservation method that entails the removal of germplasm resources (seed, pollen, sperm, individual organisms, from their original habitat or natural environment. Keeping components of biodiversity alive outside of their original habitat or natural environment.


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