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             MATH GLOSSARY

An established step-by-step procedure used to achieve a desired result.

Box plot:

A graphic method that shows the distribution of a set of data by using the median, quartiles, and the extremes of the data set. The box shows the middle 50% of the data; the longer the box, the greater the spread of the data. spread of the data.


Subsets chosen from a larger set of objects in which the order of the items in the subset does not matter. For example, determining how many different committees of four persons could be chosen from a set of nine persons.

Commutative property:

Numbers can be added or multiplied in either order.
For example, 15 + 9 = 9 + 15; 3 x 8 = 8 x 3.


The relationship between two objects that have exactly the same size and shape.


The amount of positive or negative relationship existing between two measures. For example, if the height and weight of a set of individuals were measured, it could be said that there is a positive correlation between height and weight if the data showed that larger weights tended to be paired with larger heights and smaller weights tended to be paired with smaller heights. The stronger those tendencies, the larger the measure of correlation.

Deciles: The 10th, 20th, 30th, ...90th percentile points (see definition for Percentile)

Direct measurement: A process of obtaining the measurement of some entity by reading a measuring tool, such as a ruler for length, a scale for weight, or a protractor for angle size.


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