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Customer's guide to better translations    

   1.START.Know your translation project and choose
   an option from the market

   2.BEFORE choosing your translator

   3.WHILE choosing a translator

Of course, getting the best-matching professional to your project's characteristics is of  extraordinary importance. Search our database for different options.

What type of translation service do you need? Is the translator's mother language your target language? What subject is your document about? Do you need personal contact with your translator? These and other questions are to be taken into account when selecting a translator from the wide offer the market and our search system provides you.


How much is your company's image worth? You'll certainly be judged by your use of language. Are you willing to risk your hard work for a cheap translation? Before setting a budget think about how many hours it took your in-house staff to produce the document and how many people will read the translation.


   4.AFTER choosing a translator
Post it on TT
(Open project)
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