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Customer's guide to better translations    

   1.START.Know your translation project and choose
   an option from the market

   2.BEFORE choosing your translator

Do you know how to improve your chances of getting an affordable and more accurate translation?
There are certain means of reducing your budget and assuring good results you can resort to even before having chosen a professional for your project.


Skim the text for non-relevant information or redundancies. There might be aspects of your product that are not applicable to your foreign clients, and therefore can simply be left out.
Recommendation: shorten the existing document eliminating non-relevant information or create a new one to be translated.

Sometimes this is preferable, especially when addressing foreigners who speak a different language. This way you can reduce the amount of words to translate and avoid technical discrepancies that might hinder the translation process.
Recommendation: Use diagrams, charts, maps or pictograms instead of words when possible.

Bear in mind that your cultural references often don't make sense in other languages, so try to avoid them. The same applies when you talk to a multilingual audience: any mention of national sports, visual images that might not have the same meaning, songs, films and TV shows leave a lot of room for misunderstanding. It is extremely challenging for translators or interpreters to make these types of messages reach the other side.
Recommendation: Avoid cultural clichés and make sure your company details include international access.

Many times we are in a hurry to get things done, so we assume that sending draft documents to translators will make the process faster. Wrong! Making corrections over an already translated text is almost always more costly and time-consuming than starting from scratch.
Recommendation: Always deliver the final version of the document you want to have translated

   3.WHILE choosing a translator

   4.AFTER choosing a translator
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