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  Aesthetics of place:

In environmental psychology, the physical appearance of particular behavioural settings which affect the behaviour of those living within them.


Loss of memory syndrome, characterised by intact LTS and preserved procedural memory and which is caused by damage to one of two specific brain regions, the temporal lobes or the diencephalon.

Amniotic sac:

A kind of water bed inside the female uterus in which the human embryo develops into a fetus and which cushions the embryo, keeping it at a constant temperature.


In the study of crowds, the lack of identification of the individual which leads them to act in a less social or responsible way than they otherwise would.


A psychoactive drug that acts on the synapse between neurones and blocks the action of another drug


17 the primary visual cortex.

Artificial neural network:

A means of investigating learning in a way that is more brain-like than traditional, symbolic, approaches, and which has many different possible types, each with different learning rules.

Ascribed characteristics:

A system for analysing responses to the Who Am I?, which outlines 30 categ-ories of responses under eight broad headings referring to social identity elements.

Assimilation-contrast theory:

One of a variety of social cognition theories which suggests that when other people hold attitudes similar to our own we tend to exaggerate the similarity.

Association cortex:

One of several areas in the frontal region of the brain, occupying the temporal, occipital and parietal lobes which receives information from sensory cortical areas as well as other association areas.


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