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  Attribution theory:

In the psychology of personality, an explanation of social behaviour by attributing to it the core characteristics of the individual rather than the specifics of the situation they might be in.

Attributional processes:

In applied psychology, how individuals assign causal meaning to events.

Auditory nerve:

the nerve that carries information from the ear to the brain.


The property of performance of a skill that makes it no longer depend upon effortful, conscious monitoring, such as learning to drive a car or other cognitive skills like reading or playing chess.


The first stage in the infants progress towards speech production, highlighted by the playful production of universally recognizable single-consonant and vowel-like sounds and repetitive syllable strings.

Behavioural intention:

In the explanation of social attitudes, the tendency to act towards the entity in a particular way.


In the explanation of social attitudes, the cognitive component of the persons overall evaluation of an entity.


In the consideration of arguments, an inability to allow all possible arguments about an issue, thus considering mainly or only the arguments on one side of a particular case.

Binaural comparison:

Comparison of the responses in the two ears, which is particularly important in location the direction of sound sources.


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