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  Conceptual dependency:

(CD) a form of case grammar which aims to represent the key semantic concepts in language and to capture how these concepts depend upon each other.

Concrete operational stage:

The period from the ages of seven to eleven years during which childrens processing capacity increases and they develop the use of memory encoding and retrieval strategies, becoming more aware of their own capabilities and limitations.

Conditional reasoning:

A form of reasoning that indicates that other types of a particular situation are possible.


The protection of the anonymity of a participant in a psychological study through the correct storage and published use of their data.


The tendency, among young adults in particular, to adopt attitudes, styles of dress and behaviour patterns that are guided by peer pressure and the desire to belong to a group rather than by personal choice.


In cognitive psychology, the major formal language for the description of sub-symbolic learning.

Consensual validation:

In group membership, the process by which the group affirms and supports the views of a particular individual.


In the study of crowd behaviour, the spread of feeling or a mood through a crowd which leads them to behave in particular, concerted and often violent ways.

Convergent evolution:

An increase in similarity between species in response to the same selection pressure brought about by the problems of living in a particular niche.

Conversion in syllogistic reasoning:

The swapping round of the two terms, A and B, which is valid in statements of type I and E and invalid for types A and O.


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