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The complete set of several hundred thousand cells in the primary visual cortex responsible for the preliminary analysis of one small region of the image.

Idiosyncrasy credit:

In the study of social influence processes, a pre-existing, powerful role displayed by a minority member of a particular group which can lead the group members to comply unexpectedly with them.

Idiot savant:

A child or adult who despite often (but not always) having a mental handicap has an extraordinary ability to perform mental calculations or demonstrate feats of knowledge, in many cases relating to numbers.

Illusory correlation:

In reasoning, the relationship between variables that is strongly influenced by real-world knowledge rather than rational thought.


The process, generally experienced in the transitional period between early and middle adulthood, whereby an adult becomes more reflective about his/her life and increasingly compassionate, accepting and more loving of self and others.

Inferential explosion:

The point arrived at when the use of rules to reason about a representation become vulnerable and therefore unsustainable.


In social psychology, the restraining effect on the individual of the presence of others when they are performing certain tasks, which stems from their apprehension at being evaluated by the other

Interactionalist resolution:

In the analysis of personality dimension, the study of behaviour as a product of traits expressed in interaction with social situations.

Intergroup awareness and hostility:

In social psychology, the existence of prejudice and hostility as part of the normal relations within groups.

Intergroup comparison:

In social identity theory, the comparison between ones own group and other groups.


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