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  JEDMICS (Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Computer System):

The standard DoD program for management of engineering drawings and related technical data. It automates the DoD's engineering data repositories using an integrated suite of off-the-shelf hardware and software. This system enables improved acquisition, storage, update, and retrieval of technical information. Plans call for installation of JEDMICS at 25 sites by Fiscal Year 1995.


In the Open System Interconnection reference model, refers to a collection of related network-processing functions that constitute one level of a hierarchy of functions.

LCC (Life-Cycle-Cost):

Refers to the total cost of a product over the full life of the product. The cost includes design, development, production, and support.

LDM (Legacy Data Management):

The process of identifying and evaluating historical information and defining potential solutions and requirements for long-term usage of that data in a cost effective manner.

LOA (Letter Of Agreement):

A document executed between two or more parties outlining specific agreements relating to the accomplishment of an action.


Logistics is the science of planning and implementing the acquisition and use of the resources necessary to sustain the operation of a system.

LSA (Logistics Support Analysis):

A modeling process used to recognize the maintenance, training and the number of people that are required to get the system running and to maintain the system.


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