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  Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP):

A compilation of network and transport level protocols that allow a PC to speak the same language as other PCs on the Internet or other networks.

VAN (Value-Added Network) :

A system where a network leases communication lines from a communications common carrier, enhances them by adding improvements such as error detection and/or faster response time, and then allows others to use this service on those lines for a fee.

X 12:

ANSI X12 Ver. 3050 transaction sets can be described in six pages of 3 digit codes. The X12 format standard is commonly used in EDI (automated computer to computer data exchange). Purchasing transaction sets include 840s RFQs, 850s Purchase Orders, 855s PO Acknowledgements. Financial transaction sets include 810s Invoices.


A data communication protocol that ensures data integrity while data is being transmitted to, from and within the network. This standard defines the interconnection of packet-switching networks and their associated computers or terminals. These types of networks make efficient use of the telecommunications networks by taking the data generated by a computer or a remote terminal and chopping it up into small identified packets and then looking for the most efficient way of sending this information to its destination.


Defines the special rules for transmission of a message which may include text, pictures, and graphics, and allows information to be transmitted between computers, without specific manufacturer restrictions.


The establishment of any global interconnected network, requires a directory. The standard for establishing such a directory is X.500, which enables users to browse through user listings as though they were looking through a telephone book.


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