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  DID (Data Item Description):

A DID identifies specific data requirements, which may include the format of a report used to display the data. Most current DID's were prepared with only the hard copy (paper, aperture card, etc.) document environment in mind. In a CALS environment, two aspects of data acquisition must be examined to determine whether existing DID's are adequate: the deliverable itself (documents, processable data files, interactive access), and the delivery mode (physical media or telecommunications).

Direct Connection:

A hard wired connection between a computer and the Internet giving the computer an IP address and the ability to function as a Web site. Contrasted to a dial up connection

Distributed Database:

A database whose objects (tables, views, columns and files) reside on more than one system in a network, and can be accessed or updated from any system in the network.

Domain Name System (DNS):

A scheme for translating numeric Internet addresses into "user friendly" strings of word segments denoting user names and locations. The Internet naming scheme consists of a hierarchical sequence of names, from the most specific to the most general (left to right), separated by dots, for example luorc.ecrc.edu .

Dot Pitch:

Dot pitch is the space between pixels. The smaller the number, the sharper the image will appear. (.28mm is better than .32mm)

Electronic Bulletin Board:

A shared file where users can enter information for other users to read or download. Many bulletin boards are set up according to general topics and are accessable throughout a network.


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