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Windows-like product for exploring the Internet that is available free in Cyberspace, CompuServe, America On-line, and many bulletin boards. Mosaic was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at University of Illinois and was funded with tax dollars.

MRP (Material Requirements Planning):

Original manufacturing business software that focused only on planning the manufacturing materials and inventories and did not integrate planning for other resources, such as people and machine capacity.

Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS):

A Microsoft specification for a type of device driver that allows multiple transport protocols to run on one network card simultaneously.

Network News Transport Protocol (NNTP):

An extension of the TCP/IP protocol that describes how newsgroup messages are transported between compatible servers.

Open System:

A system capable of communicating with other open systems by virtue of implementing common international standard protocols.


The word "parse" comes from "parts of speech" in Latin. It means to part or break down into component parts. A parser is a specialized software program that recognizes SGML and markup in a document. A parser that reads a DTD and checks and reports on markup errors is a validating SGML parser. A parser can be built into an SGML editor to prevent incorrect tagging and to check whether a document contains all the required elements.

Product Model:

A data model that contains the functions and physical characteristics of each unit of a product throughout its complete life cycle (from requirements specification to disposal).


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