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A tool for manpower estimating, life cycle costing, and scheduling tool for manpower estimating, life cycle costing, and scheduling. * National Security Industrial Association. "CALS Expo '93, Proceedings and Reference".

Communication (COM) port:

Logical designation of serial communication channels.

Communication Protocol (CP):

The rules governing the exchange of information between devices on a data link. * Fairfax CALS Shared Resource Center, 1994.


The act or process of complying to a desire, demand, or proposal. * Adapted from: Sharon

Component Testing (CT):

Is conducted to verify the implementation of the design for one software element (e.g., unit, module) or a collection of software elements. * Sharon J. Kemmerer. Department of Commerce, United States Government. "CALS Testing Programs, Status and Strategy" October 1992.

Configuration Management (CM):

CM controls and manages product description with its supporting technical and scientific information. * Fairfax CALS Shared Resource Center, 1994.

Conformance Testing (CT):

The testing of a candidate product for the existence of characteristics required by a standard. Its primary activity is to ensure specified behavior of implementations. Additional benefits include: clarifying the standard for guiding future implementation, producing a feedback loop to the standards making bodies for improvements to the standard, encouraging commercial development by supporting a baseline for commonality in all products, and providing greater confidence on the part of the potential enterprise user. Conformance-tested implementations increase the probability these same implementations will be able to inter-operate, but provides no guarantee.


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