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             MUSIC GLOSSARY

Mezzo piano:  Medium soft.

Mezzo Piano:  mp, Medium Soft

Mi:  In solmization, the third degree of the major scale.

Middle C:  The note C in the middle of the Grand staff, and near the middle of the paino.

Minor:  The designation for certain intervals and scales. A key based on a minor scale is called a minor key. Misterioso:  Mysteriously.

Mit:  With.

Mode:  Any scalewise arrangement of pitches; more generally, the term refers to the patterns upon which medieval music was structured, the patterns which preceded the development of major and minor scales and tonality.

Moderato:  Moderate speed.

Moderato:  Moderate(ly)

Modern:  Music written in the 20th century or contempory music.

Modulation:  The process of changing from one key to another within a composition.

Molto:  Very

Molto:  Very. Used with other terms, e.g. molto allegro.

Mordent:  "Biting." An ornament consisting of an alteration (once or twice) of the written note by playing the one immediately below it (lower mordent), or above it (upper, or inverted, mordent) and then playing the note again.

Morendo:  Gradually decreasing in volume; dying away.

Mosso:  Rapid. Meno mosso, less rapid. Piu mosso, more rapid.

Motive:  A short melodic or rhythmic pattern.

Moto:  Motion. Con moto, with motion.

Movable Do:  The system of solmization in which do changes to accommodate the key, e.g. in the key of C major, do is c; in E major do is e. In the key of a minor do is c (relative major); in the key of c minor do is e (relative major).

Music:  The organization of sounds with some degree of rhythm, melody, and harmony.

Music theory:  The study of how music is put together.


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