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             MUSIC GLOSSARY

Decrescendo:  gradually become softer

Decrescendo:  Gradually softer. Synonymous with diminuendo.

Degree:  One of the eight consecutive tones in a major or minor scale.

Delicato:  Delicately.

Di:  Of, with.

Diminished:  The term for an interval which has been decreased from the major by two half steps and from the perfect by one half step, e.g. c-a, diminished sixth, or c-g, a diminished fifth. Also used for a triad which has a minor third and a diminished fifth, e.g. c, c-e, g.

Diminuendo:  gradually become softer

Diminuendo, dim:  Gradually softer. Synonymous with decrescendo.

Diminution:  The shortening of note values; the opposite of augmentation.

Dirge:  A piece that is performed at a funeral or memorial service.

Disjunct:  The term used to describe intervals larger than a second; the opposite of conjunct.

Dissonance:  Sounds of unrest, e.g. intervals of seconds and sevenths; the opposite of consonance.

Divisi, div:  An indication of divided musical parts.

Do:  The first degree of the major scale.

Dolce:  Sweetly.

Dolcissimo:  Very sweetly.

Doloroso:  Sadly; mournfully.

Dominant:  The fifth degree of the major or minor scale. Also, the term for the triad built on the fifth degree, labelled V in harmonic analysis.

Double bar:  Two vertical lines placed on the staff to indicate the end of a section or a composition. Also, used with two dots to enclose repeated sections.

Double flat:  A symbol for lowering pitch one step.

Double sharp:  A symbol for raising pitch one step.


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