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             MUSIC GLOSSARY

Form:  The design or structure of a musical composition .

Forte:  f, Loud

Forte:  Loud.

Fortissimo:  ff, Very Loud

Fortissimo:  Very loud.

Fortississimo:  fff, Very Very Loud

Fourth:  The fourth degree of the diatonic scale. Also, the interval formed by a given tone and the fourth tone above or below it, e.g. c up to f; c down to g. Intervals of the fourth may be perfect, diminished, or augmented.

Full score:  An instrumental score in which all the parts for the instruments appear on their own staves in standard instrumental family order.

Fz:  Forzando or forzato. Synonomous with sforzando (sf or sfz).

Giocoso:  Playful.

Giubilante:  Exultant, jubilant.

Glissando:  Gliss. The rapid scale achieved by sliding the nail of the thumb or third finger over the white keys of the piano. Glissando is commonly used in playing the harp. For bowed instruments glissando indicates a flowing, unaccented playing of a passage.

Grand pause:  A rest for the entire ensemble.

Grand piano:  A piano with a winglike shape and a horizontal frame, strings, and soundboard.

Grand staff, Great staff:  The G and F clef staves together make the grand (great) staff.

Grandioso:  Grandiose, majestic.

Grave:  Slow, solemn.

Grave:  Very Slow

Grazia:  Grace. Con grazia, with grace.

Grazioso:  Graceful.

Grosso, grosse:  Great, large.

Half step:  The interval from one pitch to the immediately adjacent pitch, ascending or descending, e.g. c-c; e-e; b-c. The smallest interval on the keyboard.

Harmony:  The sounding of two or more tones simultaneously; the vertical aspect of music.


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