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             MUSIC GLOSSARY

Cantabile:  In singing style.

Cantata:  Baroque sacred or secular choral composition containing solos, duets, and choruses, with orchestral or keyboard accompaniment.

Carol:  The term was derived from a medieval French word, carole, a circle dance. In England it was first associated with pagan songs celegrating the winter solstice. It then developed into a song of praise and celebration, usually for Christmas.

Chance music:  Aleatoric music.

Chorale:  Hymn-like song, characterized by blocked chords.

Chord:  A combination of three or more tones sounded simultaneously.

Chromatic:  Ascending or descending by half steps.

Chromatic scale:  A scale composed of 12 half steps.

Circle of fifths:  The succession of keys or chords proceeding by fifths.

Classical:  Music conforming to certain form and structure. Usually music composed during the period 1770-1825.

Clef:  A symbol placed at the beginning of the staff to indicate the pitch of the notes on the staff. The most commonly used clefs in choral music are the G, or treble, clef and the F or bass clef . On the keyboard, all the notes above middle C are said to be in the G clef; all the notes below middle C in the F clef.

Coda:  Closing section of a composition. An added ending.

Common time:  4/4 meter.

Complete cadence:  I-IV-V-I progression.

Composer:  A person who creates (composes) music.

Con:  With.

Con brio:  With spirit; vigorously.

Con calore:  With warmth.

Con intensita:  With intensity.

Con moto:  With motion.

Con spirito:  With spirit.

Concert grand piano:  The largest of the grand pianos, usually about nine feet long.


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